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We live in a nation increasingly divided on racial, ethnic, and political lines. Much of the leading media of our day focuses on the agendas that drive these divisions, but little is said about the phenomena itself, or the underlying social justice issues.

Brian Dunn, a leading Civil Rights attorney and the managing partner of The Cochran Firm in California, explores these issues each week with Producer Jim Oates, and various other guests from the legal and business communities. Brian is one of the most successful civil plaintiff attorneys in California in the field of police misconduct and use of deadly force by police. A Nation Divided focuses not only on the reality of the division between law enforcement and the public, but on the deeper divisions in our society. Only on 790 KABC Radio.

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NDR | 03.09.19

Brian Dunn and Producer Jim Oates

The war in Vietnam brought about the greatest period of division in our nation in the 20th century. We will discuss the history of the war, and the way mis-information from the government promoted dissent and distrust. A distrust that persists to this day. Producer Jim Oates and Brian Dunn will hear from Vietnam War Veterans and listeners.

NDR | 03.02.19

Brian Dunn and Producer Jim Oates

Today on A Nation Divided Radio, we are discussing the history and current validity of the 2nd Amendment. "Do we still need to be a nation that arms its citizens?" Is gun ownership a duty and privilege granted by the constitution, or an inalienable right protected by it? Few topics divide our nation more than the ongoing questions over the 2nd Amendment.

NDR | 02.23.19

Brian Dunn and Producer Jim Oates

Today on A Nation Divided Radio we are discussing whether or not AR-15's should be allowed to be owned in the US. What are they? Why were they designed? Are they really the most deadly weapon in America? Producer Jim Oates and Brian Dunn discuss this topic and hear from listeners as we take their calls.

NDR | 02.16.19

w/ Scott Roder

Today on A Nation Divided Radio we will be discussing how digital media and technological advances interact with data and evidence in present day court rooms. Today on the show we have Scott Roder on the line with us from Cleveland, OH. Scott is the Executive Head and Evidence Specialist for "Evidence Room". Tune in today to educate yourself on today's hottest issues.

NDR | 02.09.19

Brian Dunn and Producer Jim Oates

Today on Nation Divided Radio, where we try and tear down the walls that separate us as a nation, we are going to discuss the controversial topic of the Death Penalty. We will be discussing this with our producer Jim Oates who is in the studio with us today. Is the death penalty wrong? Is the death penalty right? As the last nation in the western hemisphere to use the death penalty it is something to think about! Join in on the discussion and tune in.

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