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We live in a nation increasingly divided on racial, ethnic, and political lines. Much of the leading media of our day focuses on the agendas that drive these divisions, but little is said about the phenomena itself, or the underlying social justice issues.

Brian Dunn, a leading Civil Rights attorney and the managing partner of The Cochran Firm in California, explores these issues each week with Producer Jim Oates, and various other guests from the legal and business communities. Brian is one of the most successful civil plaintiff attorneys in California in the field of police misconduct and use of deadly force by police. A Nation Divided focuses not only on the reality of the division between law enforcement and the public, but on the deeper divisions in our society. Only on 790 KABC Radio.

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NDR | 11.10.18

w/ Rogers Smith

Featured guest, University of Pennsylvania professor, Rogers Smith discuss birthright citizenship, as well as general racial and political divisions in government in this weeks edition of "A Nation Divided." Smith chaired the Penn Program on Democracy, Citizenship, and Constitutionalism, now the Andrea Mitchell Center for the Study of Democracy, from 2006 to 2017.

NDR | 05.04.19

Brian Dunn and Producer Jim Oates

Today on a Nation Divided Radio, producer Jim Oates and Brian Dunn will be discussing homelessness. We are all effected by it in some way or another. Tune in to hear the calls from from passionate listeners. Do you believe that the amount of homeless people are directly effected or correlated to the economy?

NDR | 04.27.19

Brian Dunn and Producer Jim Oates

The atmosphere. Plant earth. “Global warming.” Who is right and who is wrong on this topic? Should we be concerned, or should we simply wait for more answers? It is no secret that the Earth is changing. The question to consider, though is, “are these changes man made, or are they the result of natural occurring issues?” Brian and Jim will discuss this highly debated topic, and why it is tearing us apart as a nation.

NDR | 04.20.19

Brian Dunn and Producer Jim Oates

Should the viability of a fetus be determined by the time in which that fetus’ heart works, or the time in which the embryo can survive outside the mother’s womb? On today's episode, Brian Dunn and Producer Jim Oates will discuss the "Indianapolis 500 of devisive issues in our nation..." Abortion. When and how should the government step in to affect the right of a woman to seek an abortion?

NDR | 04.06.19

Brian Dunn & Producer Jim Oates

Our government defines marijuana as an "illegal substance." Due to this, anyone that has ever used this substance has actually violated the law and is therefore ineligible to perform certain jobs and do certain tasks. Should marijuana users be singled out and denied some of the privileges and opportunities that other American citizens have? Producer Jim Oates and Brian Dunn discuss this topic and hear listener's opinions as we take their calls.

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October 16, 2020 | In Blog

Nipsey Hussle Estate Sues the Crips LLC for Trademark Infringement

Samuel Asghedom, the brother of Nipsey Hussle and administrator of the late rapper’s estate, filed a trademark infringement lawsuit Oct. 10 against Tia Hollis and the Crips LLC, in U.S.

The post Nipsey Hussle Estate Sues the Crips LLC for Trademark Infringement appeared first on .

3.6M Verdict in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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